Monistat on Scalp?

That what I thought the first time I heard it.  Strange huh?  Well contrary to my first thought, many women are applying Monistat to their scalp for hair growth.  I was hearing great results about the product and decided to give it a try.  My results was similar to most of the ladies.  GREAT!!!!  Not only do this product stimulate hair growth but it kills the over growth of yeast (dandruff).  I've had dandruff problems all my life and used everything under the sun with temporary success, but using Monistat keeps the itches away for a longer period of time.  I currently don't use monistat for hair growth but whenever the dandruff pops up.  I apply to my scalp for a couple days and waaaalaaaa.  No more Dandruff!!!!  I am always looking for products to relieve my scalp issues and this one is a keeper. 

Monistat for hair

I'm not telling you to run out and grab some monistat, but I am saying that I tried it and it works for my dandruff.  I guess it helps my problem because it is a  antifungal and dandruff is a fungus on the scalp.  Some ladies mix it with oils or hair grease and apply it everyday several weeks at a time.  My scalp do not like oil so I apply straight from the tube and rub in very well. 

applicator bottleAnother way I have applied it in the past is to mix with water in a applicator bottle with a tip on it, shake well and apply.  Using this method only mix enough to use for 2 days.  You don't want the water to grow mold that defeats your purpose. Whatever you decide make sure you do research on the topic so you can make a informed decision.

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